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Oliver Thom Self Portrait. Camera Guy.

My SEO guru suggests I lengthen my biography (oh joy). I'll be honest, I always feel a little weird talking about myself, so, I do this under duress.

I am an award winning Photographer who graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Design in 2004 with a Degree in Photography. I live in the town of Natick, MA and I am able to easily travel into Boston or the surrounding New England area. The catergories that I shoot most frequently are Portraits, Marketing Imagery and Corporate Head Shots (I work closely with several companies to keep websites current by photographing all new employees based in Boston). I love working with people in any capacity, be it a half an hour shoot on location, shooting product in my studio or carefully planning and hiring equipment for a large scale Corporate Event. My portfolio demonstrates my keen eye for composition and the ability to capture unique and inimitable moments.

So this is my “back-story”
Born in Grays, Essex. A small commuter town about an hour from London. I studied Art and Design throughout my education, leaving University with a B.A Honors in Photography and a National Diploma in Graphic Design. While studying for my Degree at ‘The Norwich School of Art & Design’ I realized I wanted to make films. Luckily motion pictures and still photography are very similar disciplines. The main difference being that in one medium you freeze movement and the other, everything moves. The film through the camera, the camera itself and the action in front of it which adds many more elements to contend with when trying to produce images. With all that in mind, I decided I was going to break into the film and television industry, against the advice of most people I spoke to.

I proceeded to search for any kind of production to get experience of the industry. I worked as a production runner, cable basher, 2nd assistant camera, 1st AC and focus puller. After some time I graduated to  camera operating, lighting and producing. All the while making connections and building my network and skill set. My first reward for my persistence was when I was asked to Camera Assist on a low budget feature in Indiana, PA. It was a wonderful experience and I forged relationships that still remain. Shortly after I was hired by QVC UK as a Broadcast Technical Operator, the foundation of my career.

During my employment at QVC I performed a wide variety of duties for the live shows. Camera Operating, Robotic camera control, vision control, studio lighting and sound mixing. It was never boring, unless it was ‘Jewelry Day’, ‘Jewelry Day’ was boring. But what I really wanted to do at QVC was to shoot their Promotional Material. They owned the channel and needed content to fill the air time. So, they had their own production department and their own camera department. It took me a while to get my opportunity but when it arrived I took it. After 5 years I had shot for all the major marketing campaigns and brands and travelled to the South of France and Wales. Then I moved to the USA. Not before shooting a demo film for ARRI UK on the Ari Alexa 35 that was selected by the British Society of Cinematographers for their ‘New Cinematographers Night’. Being recognized by the BSC allowed me to try something new in my life for me and my family.

That was the first 10 years.

Now I’m in America. My wife and I agreed that I would stay home with my son. I was a stay home dad, in a new country. It was fantastic. My son and I spent the first year before he was old enough to go to school exploring our new home. We drove around, took photographs and went on adventures. After he went to school, I had a little more time to think, how can I contribute this family? Where am I professionally? After a lot of meditation I decided to start my own business as a Self Employed Photographer. I had the Degree, I just needed to get some kit. So I saved up and bought myself a Canon 5D, a mac book pro, a set of lights and a backdrop.

After almost 10 years, I have developed my business and now service the Greater Boston Area and shoot Professional Portraits, Weddings, Marketing Imagery and Event Coverage. My kit list is growing and I am now contemplating adding film and video services to my repertoire. Suffice to say, if you have got this far through my Bio, wow! Thank you. I really didn’t expect anyone to get here - please view my portfolio, its much more interesting.

Yours Sincerely,

Oliver Thom


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